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StandWith is a mobile platform that streamlines & simplifies communication & collaboration between Patient or Caregivers & Supporters in better assisting the Patient they all care about.
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We all want to help when someone we love gets sick, but we're not taught how. We're taught to show our support and concern by asking questions and offering, well-meaning but often empty, help. All of this puts the burden on the patient to spend time and energy answering questions that they might not be ready to, or to ask for specific help which can feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Standwith eases this friction by allowing patients/caregivers to update people as and when they want and to update multiple people at once while still maintaining much more privacy and specificity than facebook or instagram. Most importantly, Standwith offers a simple, easy and pre curated list of suggested help to ask for. Often these are things patients wouldn't have thought to request. We make it easier for patients to get the love, support and help they really need while making their community feel informed and valuable.

I'm here if you need anything.
Types of StandWith users
The person needing a little extra help.
Patient's parent, child, partner, etc.
Community of friends & family that forms around the patient.
Invite Supporters As a Patient/Caregiver: invite family and friends to join your community and stay updated. As a Supporter : join a community to stay updated and see how you can help.
Post Tasks A simple & intuitive system where Caregivers can post general or targeted tasks asking for the specific help the Patient needs. The design allows task exploration so caregivers are more likely to ask for more help, or even help they wouldn't have thought to request.
Categorize Supporters Categorize your community into groups (friends, family and acquaintances) so that the patient/caregiver can target updates and tasks, to control who sees what.
Ecommerce Support In-app digital fulfilment of relevant tasks. Instead of sending unnecessary flowers, we curate lists of wanted and needed items and services to send in their place. This could be anything from sending dinner with Postmates, groceries with Instacart, a ride with Lyft or a wedge pillow from Amazon.
Post-Patient Updates Caregivers can post text or picture updates securely to their community.
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